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Entry requirements to Sri Lanka

Do I need a visa to arrive in Sri Lanka?

Yes, you need a visa to arrive in Sri Lanka. Apart from that, if you’re planning a short visit to Sri Lanka, you’re required to obtain Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) before your arrival.

What is an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)?

The Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is an official authorization for a Short Visit to Sri Lanka issued via an online system. You need ETA if you wish to visit Sri Lanka as a Tourist, on Business or on Transit. No passport copies, documents or photographs are required to obtain ETA.

Am I required to get an ETA?

It’s necessary for citizens of all countries except for those of The Republic of Singapore and of The Republic of Maldives to get an ETA to visit Sri Lanka.

How much will I be charged for the ETA?

The non-refundable ETA processing charge for a Tourist visa with Double Entry for 30 days for citizens of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) countries amounts to US $20. For those from all other countries, it will cost US $35.

Is it possible to get ETA at on arrival?

Yes, processing charge for a Tourist visa with Double Entry for 30 days for citizens of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) countries amounts to US $25. For those from all other countries, it will cost US $40.


Get more information on visa requirements in Sri Lanka.


Please be noted that, it is advisable to obtain the online ETA, prior to their arrival to Sri Lanka

What are the required documents for ETA?

  • A passport valid for not less than 6 months from the date of arrival.
  • A confirmed return ticket.
  • Sufficient funds to meet the expenses during the stay.

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What is the payment policy?

We should receive payment of 50% of the invoice value no later than 45 days prior to the arrival and the balance of the invoice value no later than 20 days.

Is the information that I provide to you safe?

Information provided in our payment gateway is protected by the secure system. We have a strict and clearly-stated anti-fraud policy, and we shred documents holding personal information. We advise you never to email us your credit card details. We shall only send you occasional information, such as a free monthly emailed newsletter, and requests to be removed from this list will immediately be respected.

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We value independently-minded customers. Just tell us what you need.

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Our company offers total flexibility and can respond to all requests to adjust itineraries. We will advise whether we believe the adjustments to be realistic. On occasions, these adjustments will involve a change in price. We do not levy a charge to tailor-make holidays.

When is my holiday actually confirmed?

You should make the first installment of the advance payment as specified in our booking requirements. Until then, there is no contract between you and our company. You will receive a Confirmation of Travel document once your holiday has been agreed and booked.

How can I pay for my holiday?

We offer payment by the following methods.

By Credit Card or Debit Card:

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We will provide the bank details along with the above payment gateway link.

The customer should pay all bank charges for bank transfers. Failure to do so may lead to you being rebilled.

The customer should advise when a bank transfer is sent.

Your name and Tour Code must be included in bank transfer details.

Will we be met when we arrive at the airport?

If you have booked airport transfers or a round tour with us, you will be met by our representative at Bandaranaike International Airport. Our representative will welcome you just outside the arrival’s hall with the Timeshare Holidays signboard.

We provide a mobile phone number for your driver a few days before your holiday. Please show our representative the tour voucher.


We can also organize a Silk Route service at the airport at an additional cost, where guests relax in a private lounge whilst airport staff fast-track and take care of all usual formalities. Please note that we do not arrange airport meet-and-greet services in your own country.

Can I change my itinerary when I am in Sri Lanka?

Our Colombo office is willing to respond to requests for changes of hotel or a sudden change of itinerary. We recognize that new discoveries can bring the temptation for a change of plan. In some cases, however, it must be understood that such changes may prove impossible. Others will necessarily accrue a surcharge. Read your departure letter for contact numbers.

Can I access the Internet for free?

Most hotels provide internet facilities. However, connections in remote towns will be slow.

How do I dial out from Sri Lanka?

Dialing out, you need to dial ’00’ or ‘+’ and the relevant country code before the number.

How do I dial in to Sri Lanka?

The country code for Sri Lanka is +94. Omit the first ‘0’ of the relevant phone number after +94.

Can I buy a local mobile connection while holidaying?

Yes. If you have a ‘dual band’ and unlocked phone, you may select from numerous mobile providers, including Dialog, Mobitel, Etisalat, Hutch, and Airtel, to get a local SIM and top up cards (recharge cards). They have counters in the lobby at Bandaranayake International Airport.

What mobile technology is supported in Sri Lanka?

All mobile operators support the GSM technology on GSM 900 / 1800 bands. WAP & GPRS is extensively supported. 3G and wireless broadband is available in Colombo. Wi-Fi zones are found in selected spots in major towns.

What if people need to contact me in an emergency when I’m in Sri Lanka?

We provide contact details for our team in Sri Lanka. We can also provide a list of hotel phone numbers on request. Leave contact numbers, plus a copy of your itinerary, with appropriate friends or relatives.  

Food & Lodging

What type of accommodation can I expect?

We provide a variety of accommodations, including five-star hotels, exclusive boutique hotels, villas, eco lodges, and tents. 

However, some of our nature and adventure programs require travel to distant or underdeveloped outstation sites where hotel accommodations of international tourist quality may not be available and facilities are relatively inadequate.

Is it permissible for me to smoke in public places?

No. In Sri Lanka, smoking and drinking alcohol in public places are prohibited. Smoking is also prohibited in enclosed public spaces such as restaurants and social clubs.

When is alcohol not served?

Full Moon Day (known as Poya day), and other religious holidays. All liquor shops, entertainment centers and meat shops remain closed on these days.

Can I drink tap water?

We do not recommend drinking tap water unless it has been filtered. Most hotel rooms provide bottled water. Bottled water is available even in small boutiques in rural areas.

Is there any vegetarian food available?

The menus of big hotels and restaurants have a “vegetarian section.” The food at the smaller local ‘rice and curry’ restaurants may claim to be vegetarian, although it frequently includes fried fish or sprats (anchovies). However, the ‘South Indian’ vegetarian restaurants are purely vegetarian.

Health & Safety

What is the process during Covid 19 pandemic?

For vaccinations, PCR tests, and insurance requirements, please visit

What health issues do I need to be aware about?

In the developing world, Sri Lanka has one of the most trustworthy healthcare systems. However, outside of major cities, emergency medical services may be scarce.

How to keep away mosquitoes?

The majority of hotels will give you with a plug-in insect repellent that may usually be turned on after turndown. Most local supermarkets sell mats (tiny repellant tablets inserted into the plug-in unit), burning coils, and citronella candles. When dining outside, etc., use a repellent lotion.

Is Sri Lanka a safe place to visit?

Yes. The country is in a state of tranquility. Tourists flock to Sri Lanka in record numbers, feeling a sense of calm, safety, and stability as they take in the country’s natural beauty. We ensure the safety and security of our tourists wherever we perform our trips.

What are the safety precautions I must take when traveling?

All valuables, such as money, passports, tickets, jewellery, and other valuables, should be stored in the hotel safe deposit box, according to approved travel practices. Hotels are not responsible for items left in the room, as the international customers goes.

Money & Banking

Is there a network of ATMs around the country, and do they accept my debit/credit card for cash?

In most cities, ATMs may be found. Most ATMs allow you to withdraw cash using your Visa, Mastercard or AmEx. However, because different banks accept different cards, we recommend that you check with your bank to see if your card is valid for usage in Sri Lanka.

Are credit card charges made in foreign currency?

No, they aren’t. Due to exchange regulations in the country, local establishments will determine your payments by applying the exchange rate prevailing at the date of payment.

Are credit cards accepted everywhere?

Credit Cards are extensively used and accepted by local establishments (even in small towns). The most popular card types are Visa and MasterCard, with Amex being used to a lesser extent.

Where can I re-exchange?

The Re-Exchange (purchase of foreign currency) can only take place on your departure at the Bank counters at the airport. Remember that they will only accept bank receipts (not Money Changer receipts).

What’re requirements for re-exchanging?

Please keep with you whatever receipts of exchange (including ATM receipts) for monies declared. This will be useful when re-exchanging to foreign currency and taking your money back out of the country.

What is the maximum amount of money I can take out of the country?

If you intend to take out from Sri Lanka a sum exceeding US $5000(or its equivalent in Euro or some other currency) in currency notes (out of the money brought in), you must declare the total amount brought in, even if it’s less than US$ 15,000.

What is the maximum amount of money I can bring into the country?

You are allowed to carry any quantity of foreign currency into Sri Lanka. It could be in the form of traveler’s checks, bank drafts, or cash notes. However, if the amount exceeds US $15,000 (or its equivalent in Euro or another currency), Sri Lanka Customs must be notified.

How about international currency exchange bank fees?

Banks charge a 0.5 percent processing fee as well as a commission, which varies by bank. We recommend you to convert only that amount of money you need for spending.

Clothes & Accessories

What kind of clothing should I bring?

Lightweight, light coloured cotton clothes are ideal for the warm climes of a tropical country like Sri Lanka. We’d like to recommend that you pack some warm clothes if you are planning to visit the hilly regions, where the evenings tend to get chilly. It’s advisable to bring one set of Evening wear as larger hotels insist on ‘long attire’ for men during dinner (no shorts and no sandals). Ladies could come in dresses, skirts or long shorts, but not in any beach / swimwear.

When visiting a Buddhist or Hindu temple, how should I dress?

You should take off your shoes and hat when entering a Buddhist or Hindu temple. If you’re carrying an umbrella, unfurl it. Your legs & shoulders should be covered.


When is the best time to travel?

The best & driest seasons are from December to March on the West & South Coasts and in the hill country, and from May to September in the East Coast.

What if I travel during the off-season?

Out of season travel has its own benefits; while the big crowds go away, most airfares & accommodation prices too go down, with many special offers thrown in. On the coast the average temperature remains around 27°C. The temperature rapidly falls as the altitude gets higher & higher.

How about the rainy seasons?

Sri Lanka experiences two monsoons; the rainy season in the East coast is the dry season in the south west coast & vice versa. This makes Sri Lanka a year around destination, and there is always a ‘right’ season somewhere in the island.


What are the dos and don’ts of local photography?

You aren’t allowed take pictures at the frescoes at Sigiriya.

Never pose beside or in front of a Buddha statue (i.e., with your back to the statue).

Don’t photograph a monk without asking permission.

Can I photograph inside temples and monasteries?

Ask permission before taking pictures either of people or inside temples or other sacred places. For example, it is forbidden to take photographs inside the cave temple complex of Dambulla. Never use flash on murals inside temples and other places; it can cause damage them.

Power & Energy

What kind of plug bases are available in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lankan hotels have two types of plug bases; either the UK (Type G) or India (Type D). *Do not confuse with the larger 15 Amp plug which is used for ‘heavy duty’ appliances like air-conditioners, and microwave ovens.

Strictly avoid inserting a 110V – 120V appliance into a Sri Lankan 240V plug base.

What’s the voltage type in Sri Lanka?

The voltage is Sri Lanka is 220 / 240 volts.

Shopping & Entertainment

Is tipping accepted?

Tipping is accepted. Although a 10% service charge is included in bills for food and accommodation.

How much should I tip?

Your housekeeping staff, doorman, bellboy all expect a little tip. A tip between 100 – 200 rupees (1USD) for each service is considered adequate. You guide or driver on tour will expect something between US$ 5 to 15 a day (depending on your level of satisfaction)

How about the nightlife in Sri Lanka?

The places with some active night life are Colombo, Negombo and Hikkaduwa. Colombo has some decent pubs, night clubs, karaoke lounges, bars, and casinos. There is a growing pub-culture among the young crowd in Colombo. Friday and Saturday nights are the days for all night partying.

What should I specially shop for?

Sri Lanka has a wide variety of splendid handicraft on sale. Sri Lankan masks are a very popular collector’s item. Other recommendations are batiks, wood carvings, gemstones, semi- precious stones, lacquer-ware, handmade Silver- and Brass objects and don’t forget the famous ‘Ceylon Tea’.

Other Questions

Where can I discover more information about the country in general?

Visit the official Sri Lanka Tourism website for more information.

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