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Sri Lanka is well-known not just for its beaches, wildlife, and heritage, but also for its beautiful hill highlands, which have morning mists, lush green hills, gushing waterfalls, and tea plantations. Ella entices visitors with its pleasant temperature and stunning surroundings.
This delightful small village is ideal for unwinding, hiking, and trekking.
The following are the most popular hiking trails in the Ella area:

Ella Rock:
Trail Length- 10 Km
Duration- 3-4hrs
Difficulty- hard

Little Adam’s Peak:
Trail Length- 4.5 Km
Duration- 1hrs
Difficulty- moderate

Additional information

Nearby Attractions

The most popular nearby attraction

  • Haputale
  • Haputale is a small town on the southern outskirts of Sri Lanka’s hill region. On a clear day, you can see the southern coastline from the mountain crest, but on other days, thick mist clings to the deep green mountains, creating the bizarre sensation of being encircled by clouds.
    This charming small village, 1431m above sea level, is surrounded by picturesque mountain ranges and is great for relaxing, hiking, and trekking.
    Distance: 23.5 Km

  • Thangamale Bird Sanctuary
  • The park situated 1431m above sea level comprises 131ha. The area is home to a plethora of birds and butterflies.
    The park is popular with mini-verts hornbills, golden orioles, spot winged thrush, black-napped monarch, yellow eared bulbul, velvet fronted nuthatch, Malabar trogon, scimitar babbler, black eagle, green barbets, paradise flycatchers, blue magpies, Sri Lanka White-eye, and Sri Lankan junglefowl.
    Distance: 26 Km

  • Nine Arch Bridge
  • The Nine Arch Bridge, constructed in 1921, stands proudly as a tribute to the technical and architectural excellence of the early twentieth century.
    The bridge is 91 meters long, 7.5 meters wide, and around 27.5 meters tall. It is one of the country’s outstanding instances of colonial-era railway engineering. Because of the bridge’s architectural brilliance and the abundant vegetation in the adjoining slopes, the surrounding area has witnessed a steady tourism growth.
    Distance: 3 Km

  • Ravana Waterfalls
  • The cascading waterfall is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ella. It is one of the country’s largest, with a width of 25 meters.
    Distance: 7 Km

  • Lipton’s Seat and Factory
  • The temperature around this tea plantation is nearly consistent at a chilly 18°C all year. Lipton’s Seat is a well-known hilltop overlook. The winding path that leads to the summit of the hill passes past beautiful tea plantations. It offers a panoramic view of the surrounding area for a long distance. Lipton Seat is a lovely location for watching the dawn and wandering among the tea farms.
    The Dambatenne Tea Factory is located near Lipton’s Seat and offers guided tours of the factory.
    Distance: 25 Km


Accommodation (within 10km)

  • Star Classified hotels- Yes
  • International Chain Hotels- No
  • Boutique Hotels- Yes
  • Resorts- No
  • Ayurvedic Hotels- No
  • Unclassified Hotels- Yes
  • Camping- No
  • Villas- No
  • Eco Hotels- Yes

* You might still find preferred accommodation in nearby cities.


Distance from (estimate)

  • CMB Airport- 333 Km (travel time: 5hrs)
  • Colombo City- 308 Km (travel time: 5hrs 10min)
  • Sigiriya Rock Fortress- 183 Km (travel time: 4hrs 40min)
  • Anuradhapura Ancient City- 231 Km (travel time: 5hrs 30min)
  • Polonnaruwa Ancient City- 164 Km (travel time: 3hrs 50min)
  • Kandy City- 138 Km (travel time: 3hrs 50min)
  • Galle Dutch Fort- 198 Km (travel time: 3hrs 30min)

* The time and distance are only given to give you an idea. There are stopovers between the two locations. The cities listed above are some of the most popular tourist attractions in Sri Lanka.

Best Time


  • Year round

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