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Kayaking and canoeing

Sri Lanka’s diverse rivers, lagoons, and man-made reservoirs offer a unique experience of canoeing and kayaking at dawn and dusk. The island is a paradise for canoeing and kayaking through the woods, mangroves, and mountains.

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Negombo Lagoon

A memorable excursion is a kayak or canoe paddle in this mangrove lagoon with a distinct ecology at sunset.


Kithulgala is ideal for both experienced and beginner kayakers. A leisurely kayak trip along the river provides beautiful views of mountain landscape and forest.

Kalu Ganga

The Kalu Ganga River, which begins in the island’s centre and runs down to the west coast town of Kalutara, is a popular canoeing and kayaking destination. In Kalu Ganga, there are two canoeing spots: one in Ratnapura and one in Kalutara. A leisure canoe down this lovely river allows you to discover the island’s pristine scenic nature.


Belihuloya is a picturesque tiny town surrounded by nature, which provides a backdrop for a variety of excursions ranging from climbing to canoeing and trekking. Canoeing at Samanalawewa Reservoir is a delightful experience in a beautiful setting.

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