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Lacquer work

Lacquerwork is a painted woodwork art form. These expertly crafted traditional handicrafts are quite popular in Sri Lankan culture. Lacquer production originated in central Sri Lanka and has expanded throughout the island throughout the years. The painting procedure is most likely the most peculiar. It’s done using a lathe, a bow, and paintbrushes. Shellac wax obtained from Kerrialacca insect resin and mineral dyes are used to make traditional lacquer. Most paintings are characterized by striking geometric patterns.

Ornaments, wooden boxes, bowls, walking sticks, windows and doors, and railings are can be made using this technique. Lacquerwork may be seen in numerous historical temples around the country.

While some choose to employ age-old processes, others prefer to use new tools and procedures created over time in the creation of these complicated and exquisite patterns.

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