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Polonnaruwa Ancient City

It served as Sri Lanka’s second and medieval capital for three centuries, from the 11th to the 13th century AD. Today, the Ancient City of Polonnaruwa Ancient City is one of the finest planned archaeological sites in the country. Due to its historic significance and technological excellence, UNESCO designated the ancient city as a World Heritage Site in 1982.

Due to enormous irrigation network projects, the city was supported by paddy agriculture between 1153 and 1186. This kingdom’s wealth and opulence are still visible.


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Nearby Attractions

The most popular nearby attraction

  • Minneriya National Park
  • Because of its elephant population, Minneriya National Park is the second most visited national park in Sri Lanka. From May through September, Asia’s largest elephant gathering takes place in their natural habitat. Ideal to visit in May to September.

    Distance: 37 Km

  • Angamedilla National Park
  • Angammedilla national park is a hidden forest reserve declared as a national park in 2006 according to protect the drainage basin of the Parakrama Samudraya tank, which was built 870 years ago.
    The elephants are the most popular in the park. It is also home to deer, large water buffalos, monkeys, Indian muntjac, peafowls, junglefowl, sloth bear, grizzled giant squirrels, tufted grey langurs, purple-faced langur, and rare red slender loris.
    As it is not a very famous national park compared to others in Sri Lanka good to enjoy a peace and solitude safari.
    Distance: 21 Km

  • Medirigiriya Vatadage
  • Madirigiriya was a large monastic complex that had been in existence for almost two millennia. The monastery’s centerpiece, Vatadage (circular relic house), was a place of worship with a stupa in the center and four stone-carved Buddha statues facing the four directions. The remaining rock pillars show that there was a roof over the construction.

    The damaged but still magnificent Medirigiriya Vatadage is a fine example of ancient Sri Lankan stone artistry. Other attractions of the site include two bathing ponds, stone inscriptions, a cave, a latrine, a hospital, and a rock medicinal bathtub.
    Distance: 34 Km


Accommodation (within 10km)

  • Star Classified hotels- Yes (up to 4 star)
  • International Chain Hotels- No
  • Boutique Hotels- No
  • Resorts- No
  • Ayurvedic Hotels- No
  • Inns/Guest Houses- Yes
  • Hostels- Yes
  • Homestays- Yes
  • Eco Hotels- Yes

* You might still find preferred accommodation in nearby cities.


Distance from

  • CMB Airport- 195km (travel time: 4hrs 30min)
  • Colombo City- 227km (travel time: 4hrs 45min)
  • Dambulla- 67km (travel time: 1hrs 30min)
  • Anuradhapura Ancient City- 105km (travel time: 2hrs 20min)
  • Sigiriya Rock Fortress- 53km (travel time: 1hrs 10min)
  • Kandy City- 133km (travel time: 3hrs)
  • Galle Dutch Fort- 323km (travel time: 6hrs)

* The time and distance are only given to give you an idea. There are stopovers between the two locations. The cities listed above are some of the most popular tourist attractions in Sri Lanka.

Best Time


  • Year round

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