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Saree and Sarongs

A saree is a type of women’s attire that consists of a blouse and a fabric that is 6 to 8 meters in length. In Sri Lanka, there are two ways to drape a saree. Kandy Cityan Style is the classic Sri Lankan style and Indian Style is common in Asian countries. One end of the fabric is neatly pleated and tucked into the wrapping section at the front in the Kandy Cityan style. No pleats can be seen or tucked in Indian Style.

Some wear sarees regularly or as part of their job attire. Sarees are worn by school teachers and office ladies, as well as tea plucking ladies when it is customary, and by some for formal occasions and ceremonies. Today, traditional Kandy Cityan sarees are frequently seen on the bride at Sri Lankan weddings.

Sarongs, as in other South Asian nations, are the fundamental dress for males in Sri Lanka, which they wear with a shirt. A sarong is a tube of fabric that has been folded and tied at the waist.

When men are at home, they frequently go topless while wearing sarongs.

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