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Vesak celebrations begin on the full moon day in May and last about a week. This religious event commemorates life events of birth, enlightenment, and death of Siddhartha Gautama, often known as Buddha. Throughout his life, all of these significant occurrences are supposed to have occurred on the same day.

Poson is a week-long event in Sri Lanka that begins on the full moon day of June and lasts for a week. It marks the arrival of Buddhism in Sri Lanka.

Buddhists observe Vesak and Poson by performing charitable works and gestures of goodwill. As a result, they are supposed to refrain from any form of killing and to be encouraged to eat vegetarian meals during the season. The most striking feature is the abundance of free food and drink kiosks along the roadsides. This is a symbol of spreading joy and peace with others.

Illuminations and colorful lanterns adorn the dwellings, business enterprises, and public places. Along the roadsides, there are also large lit pandols that tell Buddhist and Buddha’s lifetime stories.

Many Buddhists, clad in white, attend and spend the entire day in temple rituals.

Aside from Sri Lanka, numerous Asian nations commemorate Vesak, including India, Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan.

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  • May – Vesak
  • June -Poson

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