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Festive food

Sri Lanka has a lively culture that has been enriched by the many ethnic culture and practices. Throughout the year, the nation hosts a variety of wonderful cultural and religious events. These events and festivals are grandly celebrated by the country’s many communities, providing great color and beauty to the way of life in Sri Lanka.

Kiribath, or milk rice, is the most popular celebration food among the Sinhalese community. Kewum, Aluva, Athirasa, Halapa, Kaludodol, Kokis, and Aasmi are some famous sweets eaten during festivals.

Kesari, Pani Walalu, Laddu, and Sago pudding are popular among the Tamil population.

The Muslim community enjoys Watalappan, and Showarshee Dodol is frequently produced in a vibrant green.

Burghers, a Eurasian ethnic minority, are maintaining their culture via traditional meals like Breudher (Dutch Holiday Biscuit), Bolo Fiado (Portuguese style layer cake), and Gumbo Lillas (Dutch style).

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