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Rice and Curry

The staple of the country is boiled rice. The rice is accompanied by a variety of curries.  At least four unique curries are often offered, one of which is based on fish or meat and the others on vegetables. Curries cooked with coconut milk are a delicious combination of spices, herbs, seafood, meat, seasonal vegetables, legumes, starchy roots, and even fresh fruits. This combination not only enhances the flavor of the food but also has health benefits. Curries are often not hot and spicy, although they can be tangy or sweet. Aside from curries, other typical accompaniments include Coconut Sambol (a Sri Lankan relish), Mallum (chopped leaves with coconut), and crispy Papadam (a deep-fried black gram dough). The tastes of the curries differ depending on the region.

Many of these dishes are centered around the main staple rice.

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