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Udawalawa National Park

Udawalawa National Park was established in 1972 as a refuge for wildlife displaced by the construction of the Udawalawa Reservoir.

Udawalawa is without a doubt the greatest spot in Sri Lanka to witness wild Asian elephants in their native environment all year. There are around 500 elephants in the park, and they frequently travel in groups of up to 100 elephants.

During the region’s dry season (May to September), there is a good chance of seeing the herds of these magnificent animals.

The park is home to Water Buffalo, Wildboar, Sri Lankan Axis Deer, Sambur Deer, Golden Jackal, Black-naped hare, Mongooses, Bandicoots, the endemic Toque Macaque and Tufted Grey Langur, Indian Muntjac, Sri Lankan Spotted Chevrotain, Asian Palm Civets, Golden Palm Civets, Indian Bush Rat, Rusty-spotted Cat, Fishing cats, and Jungle cats.

It is quite unusual to see a Leopard or a Sri Lankan Sloth Bear.

The Udawalawe Elephant Transfer Home is a 1995 elephant orphanage located within the Udawalawe National Park. It is home to about 40 orphaned calves and youngsters. They are reared with the required care until they may be released back into their natural environment.

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Nearby Attractions

The most popular nearby attraction

  • Lunugamvehera National Park
  • With an area of 23,500ha, Lunugamvehera is one of Sri Lanka’s few unspoiled national parks. The Lunugamvehera Reservoir occupies a substantial portion of the park. The region was designated as a national park in 1995 to safeguard the catchment area of the Lunugamvehera reservoir as well as the local species.
    The park is rich in biodiversity and serves as a home for a huge number of wild elephants, buffaloes, and water birds. This national park also serves as an elephant corridor. Other mammals found here include the Fishing Cat, Grey Mongoose, Bear, Wild Boar, Spotted Deer, and Mouse Deer.
    Distance: 42 Km


Accommodation (within 10km)

  • Star Classified hotels- Yes
  • International Chain Hotels- No
  • Boutique Hotels- No
  • Resorts- No
  • Ayurvedic Hotels- No
  • Inns/Guest Houses- Yes
  • Hostels- Yes
  • Homestays- Yes
  • Eco Hotels- Yes

* You might still find preferred accommodation in nearby cities.


Distance from (estimate)

  • CMB Airport- 262km (travel time: 4hrs)
  • Colombo City- 258km (travel time: 4hrs)
  • Sigiriya Rock Fortress- 308km (travel time: 6hrs 20min)
  • Anuradhapura Ancient City- 307km (travel time: 6hrs 50min)
  • Polonnaruwa Ancient City- 255km (travel time: 5hrs 20min)
  • Kandy City- 227km (travel time: 5hrs 30min)
  • Galle Dutch Fort- 127km (travel time: 2hrs 10min)

* The time and distance are only given to give you an idea. There are stopovers between the two locations. The cities listed above are some of the most popular tourist attractions in Sri Lanka.

Best Time


  • October to April

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